Sony LED TV Price 28 inch

Purchase a brilliant 28 inch Sony LED TV at lowest price. Dedicated to help you purchase a superb model of Sony Bravia LED TV with outstanding features we do provide a platform exhibiting the best priced Sony Bravia LED TVs sold online on the leading commerce websites like Amazon and Flipkart. So you shouldn’t take hasty decision to purchase a Sony LED TV as the price of respective 28 inch HD Sony LED TV may yet be too low on other leading commercial website. Our main objective is to provide you a best priced 28 inch Sony Bravia LED TV.

Special Features of Sony LED TV Price 28 Inch

Suitable for bed room the 28 inch LED TV is equipped with remarkable features such as high picture resolution, back-lit LED, HDMI/USB Connective ports and Ethernet. Suiting the budget the initial Sony LED TV price 28 inch starts with approximately 14000 rupees. Features of almost all the Sony 28 inch LED TVs are approximately the same. But yet a few minor differences can fluctuate the Sony 28 inch TV price for different models.Have a look at remarkable features of the best Sony 28 Inch LED TV.

·         LED backlit,

·         Resolution Enhancement

·         Ethernet,

·         HDMI/USB Connective Ports

·         Multi Picture Modes – Standard, Sports, Vivid, etc.

·         Slim Body

·         Dynamic Bass with Woofer with Zero Noise

·         High Definition Pictures Display with Amazing Clarity

·         1366 x 768 Screen Resolution

·         Multi HDMI & USB Ports

·         Power-efficient

The Best Sony LED TV Price 28 Inch Size

The Sony LED TV price 28 inch is less than 20000 costing different for different models. But 29 inch HD Ready Sony Bravia KLV-29P423D can also be purchases as 19,499 INR.

Note: The Sony 28 inch TV price may occasionally vary stimulating you to make up your mind for a particular Sony LED TV price 28 inch model.

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