Samsung 3D TV 40 inch

There are total half a dozen 3D technology based Samsung Smart LED TVs available in both Full HD and Ultra HD specifications in diverse screen sizes starting with 40 inch Samsung Ultra HD Smart 3D LED TV. 

The Samsung 3D TVs are the Full HD and Ultra HD Smart TVs available in 46 inch and 48 inch screen also. If you are looking for 40 inch 3D TV then “Samsung 40HU7000 Ultra HD Smart 3D LED TV 40 inch” will be the only option available at Rs. 89000 price on Amazon. 

Being sole 40 inch model the “Samsung 40HU7000 Ultra HD Smart 3D LED TV is a perfect Samsung Smart LED TV based on 3D technology which has got to make you experience magic of fantastic display of movies bringing every action close to your face through hallucinatory effects. 

It is important to make it clear here that Ultra HD feature stands for 3840 x 2160 pixels which illuminate simultaneously exhibiting everything minutely clear. While three dimensional effect (3D) enables the viewers to get ecstatically lost into scene becoming oblivious of their surroundings.


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