LED TV under 50,000

Buy 40 inch Panasonic TH 40E-S500D provided you’ve 50000 rupees as the total budget for purchasing a multi-featured large screen superb LED TV. Costing around 29,400 rupees it is has Full HD 1920 x 1080 resolution and connectivity features. Panasonic has been a tough competitor of Sony Bravia for long but with the Samsung emerging as an arch rival of Sony it lost its position. If the brand name is your motive then Sony Bravia KLV-40W672E costing around 46,300 rupees has got to be the choice of yours.Otherwise you can opt Samsung selecting any of its 40 inch LED TV models such as 40K-5000 which costing 34,999 INR, 40K-5100 costing 36,659 INR and Samsung 40M-5100 priced at 35999 INR.

Sony Bravia is not behind low pricing war with its 40 inch KLV-40 R-352E model costing around 37000 rupees but the price is yet high when compared with Samsung. So purchase one of the best priced 40 inch LED TVs under 50000 INR price contemplating on specific features like Full HD, X Protection PRO, Security Lock, good Refresh Rate, Wi-Fi / HDMI/USB connectivity, electric surge protection, multi-mode sound, etc.

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