LED TV under 45000

With Rs.45000 budget you can purchase a 40 inch Sony Bravia LED TV at just 43990 INR incorporated with many remarkable features such as Full HD, X protection PRO, Child Lock, 100 Refresh Rate, Wi-Fi/HDMI/USB connectivity, electric surge protection, multi-mode surrounding sound, etc. Sony is known for superb clarity of pictures,
colors and multi-angular view and this is what its price is much higher in comparison with other brands in 40 inch FHD specification.

But a few minor changes influence price even of Sony Bravia which costs around Rs.40000 with a few features missing. But Samsung LED TV also is next to Sony under 45000 price range which doesn’t exceed Rs.37000. It has nearly the same features found in Sony excepting 60 Refresh Rate. But it’s sharing mobile’s multimedia files wireless projects the Samsung LED TV under Rs.45000 pricing category as a best priced LED TV. The price structure on e-commerce sites are unquestionably is lower. So purchase a multi-featured LED TV at minimum cost dwelling on brand, features and price as per your desire.

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